domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Latest works

Virtual tour


Portal to Dragon World

Character sculpt practice

Leatherface Low poly

Environment creation Rilix 

Rilix Coaster Render

Toon Canyon 

Horror house

Low Poly NPCs

Environment I have modelled for Rilix company

Sci Fi Character

Parcival game character

Skull Mob character

Hi poly sculpture

Textured and shaded

Work experience on Oniria (On Oniria I've worked as a 3D Artist, Animator and 2D artist)

City for a Drive License game

New Holland tractor game (assets creation, level design)

Virtua Workshop (Tank pieces maintenance game)


Iron wolf character

Character with Diffuse, Normals and Specular maps

Armor on body Sculpture (on Zbrush)

Base sculpture (on Zbrush)

Front and back

Front and back (wireframe)

Parque das Palmeiras building video concept

Playtest it now on the Webplayer

ITA video

Playtest it now on the webplayer

Telemarketing bureau

Spy Cat character

Game Environment (street)

Peg Leg Dash game for IOS


Sword on stone

Running Game prototype

Mouse game character

Base sculpt

Cartoon Wolf game character

Base sculpt

Retopo + polypaint

Turtle character

Shark character

Indie character concept

Character test in the Game Engine

An early build of the Indies game

Face expressions + Body Rig + Eye Rig

Eye rig test

Warrior girl

Zombie WIP

Panda character

Toony race track WIP

Charizard character rig practice

Download Android

Download Amazon

Rocket Cat IOS game

Elephant character


Sculpt pratice

Skull sculpt practice

Judge Judy face model

Leatherface character 


Nightmare boss

Monster fish

Robot Hero

Soccer stadium low poly

Sculpt practice

Bust modelling practice 


Toony character 

Gameplay on tablet 

Toon town

Wizard game level prototype

Early game buid

Wizard character



Some Lands of Ammox artwork

2013 beta gameplay captures


Tiger animation in progress


Low poly Hood girl

Space man suit 


Some other works

Character base head

Cube Ninja Kongregate 

Play at: